The modern catering company is part of Oman Educational and Training Investment Company. The parent company has opened its subsidiary companies over the past several years and has developed into a multi-disciplinary organization. The modern catering company is able to provide effective solutions by reducing cost and enhancing value added without compromising quality standards in facility management and project services

Company Services

Facilities Management

Project Management and Maintenance

Projects Department

Reviewing and preparing architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering designs for various projects, as well as assessing the estimated costs of such projects. In addition, analyzing the tenders submitted by the contractors (technically and financially); as well as supervising the implementation of the work and preparing reports.

Maintenance Department

We provide complete maintenance and service programs designed to meet customer requirements. Additionally, we are able to maintain all construction equipment by using the company’s specialized manpower or subcontractors (who work under the company’s supervision); and meet customers’ requirements in terms of quality assurance, health and safety.

In addition, Tajheez provides high quality service at competitive prices, along with special attention to customer requirements, cost-effective solutions and high quality services. The company offers proposals that can reduce the cost of operating buildings and meet the requirements of the client (achieved through employee awareness and their knowledge of regulations, and extensive technical and managerial work experience in several areas). Tajheez is able to provide high quality services to satisfy customers.

The Facilities Management System consists of cleaning services, landscaping and pest control services.

Cleaning Services

The company provides modern cleaning services of the highest quality and efficiency under the supervision of specialists. It is committed to implement the work and meet deadlines, as well as provide different equipment that enables them to work with more than one stakeholder at the same time. The company also has the ability to deal with government facilities, hotels, hospitals and other public and private facilities.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping team is distinguished by its ability to complete projects quickly and successfully within the specified budget, where the team enjoys credibility and dedication to work as an integrated team which enhances accurate production and prompt achievement. Their advantages and reputation base have granted them customers credibility and are therefore keen on the satisfaction of their customers in the work they produce.

Pest Control Services

There are specialized experts in the control and eradication of insects. The services include the treatment of buildings from insects’ issues during and after construction and provide urgent solutions for the problems occurred by controlling the pests and ensuring the quality of work.